A New Sepher Torah is Dedicated to ELIE WIESEL Z.L. by

RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH, founder and Executive Director of The World Values Network.

By CHARLES LUGASSY, journalist Montreal, Canada

What an amazing evening it was at the fifth annual Champions of Jewish Values, International Awards Gala, at Cipriani, New York.  The memory of Elie Wiesel was floating in the air during the entire evening. Elie Wiesel has marked the whole Jewish community of USA and the whole world. It was particularly impressive to see Marion Wiesel his wife and his son Elisha Wiesel walk in his footsteps. An array of prestigious guests, mentors and teachers of peace and who work together with the Jewish community were honored.

  • ELISHA WIESEL, son of Elie Wiesel;
  • Paul Kagame president of Republic of Rwanda;
  • Professor Irwin Cotler from Montreal;
  • Marion Wiesel wife of Elie Wiesel Z.L., and;
  • The defenders of Israel Danny Danon and Dani Dayan;
  • Former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, and;
  • Many other preeminent figures, too many to name.

We rarely have seen so many great names at the same event.

RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH has founded The World Values Network to help promote the Jewish values and help bring light to overpower any evil or darkness that is in the world today. His organization is driven by a passion to highlight Jewish values and influence different cultures across the world. This includes providing means for healing oneself and diverting one’s attention building good relationships with others by being loving, compassionate and caring. The organization reaches its audience through many form of communication including social media.

It is with the continued hard work of many who make it their life mission to reestablish good values and standards in our communities that gives hope of replacing the evil with peace. Because of their dedication, The World Values Network organizes a Champions of Jewish Values, International Awards Gala annually to acknowledge its members and present them with awards.

Michael Fromm, chairman of the event was instrumental in organizing an unforgettable evening that will serve the purpose of this organization, “perfecting the world and celebrating life, Judaism can heal America and the world…” The goal of this organization is to confront the many challenges of life, be it high rates of divorce, teen alienation, depression, and growing ignorance and materialism and replacing them with love, affection, inclusiveness and harmony.

Congratulations from Montreal, Canada.


Charles Lugassy and Shmuley Boteach

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