About Me


Journalist – Radio-Shalom Montréa
Montreal, Canada Area

Journalist and interviewer on matters pertaining to Canadian Jewry, business, international affairs, art and culture and personal interviews with individuals of interest.


JOURNALIST – Radio-Canada International
Montreal, Canada Area

In my 15 years career as a journalist for Radio-Canada, I dealt with numerous national and international issues, acted as a point of contact with numerous high-profile political figures and broadcast nationally my reports. I was an anchor for the daily TV news and also the radio show “Semaine au Canada”.


President – Immigration Experts
Montreal, Canada Area

 The Experts in Immigration and International Investments is a leading immigration firm based in Montreal, Canada.

The Experts in Immigration has represented immigration candidates for more than 25 years and takes pride in delivering quality services and customer satisfaction.

The firm has built its success on mastering the legislation of Quebec and Canada and by applying a personalized approach to meet customer needs and demands.

The firm has a strong experience in all fields of immigration and has delivered success to clients from all over the world, business people, foreign investors, students, experienced employees and their families.

At the heart of the company is Mr. Charles Lugassy, an immigration and business consultant and founder of the firm. Before forging a strong reputation within the immigration legal field, Mr. Lugassy was a journalist for 15 years with Radio-Canada.

The experienced counsel at Experts in Immigration is here to assist your immigration and citizenship applications and procedures.



Former Prime Minister of Canada JEAN CHRÉTIEN shaking hands with Charles Lugassy during a gala dinner at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. The prime minister personally signed the picture after the event. This picture was taken by the official photographer of the former Prime Minister J.M. CARISSE.




Charles Lugassy is a talented and respected journalist in Montreal, Canada. He has accumulated 15 years as a journalist at Radio Canada International, (CBC) and has always been an attentive observer of the political and community life in Montreal, throughout Canada, Morocco, the USA, Europe, Israel and the world.


His versatility and ability to discuss many diverse topics make him an interesting personality to meet and converse. People are on the look to have his company and are eager to hear his appreciation and comments on many different matters. He always has shown wisdom and capability to manage intricate and complex matters with an astounding insight.


During most of his life, he administered companies while being an outstanding journalist mastering world news. Charles Lugassy is known as an interesting public speaker and allows himself only to say matters that count. You will rarely see him indulging in small talk; he like meeting new people, listening to new ideas and being confronted with new ways of thinking.


Having done that all his life made him an accomplished man of the world, open to new ways of life, new technology and to the diversity of people that the world offers nowadays.


But Who Is Charles Lugassy?


Coming from Jewish background of Marrakech, Morocco where he grew up, he came to Canada as an adolescent and chose to take life in his own hands.


As a new immigrant, at the time, he had to struggle in order to make a living, so he did not give up and started building himself and helping his entourage.


After graduating from the University of Montreal in Political Science – International Relations, he undertook to start a career in journalism which started in Edmonton, Alberta, where he was exposed to and discovered the wonderful western part of Canada with the amazing area of Banff and Jasper that offer so many attractive sites.


A few years later he got back to Montreal where he pursued his career as a journalist at Radio Canada International where he managed to improve his skills as a journalist and reached the level of lineup editor.

Meanwhile, he went to Paris and had the opportunity to obtain an internship with a major French newspaper and radio, where he acquired a substantial experience as well.


Charles Lugassy’s main asset has always been his ability to write and speak different languages: he masters French and English and has a good knowledge of Spanish and Hebrew.


He can even converse in Moroccan Arabic.


At one point in his career, Charles Lugassy decided to launch his firm as an Immigration Consultant and had the opportunity to travel the world, building bridges with people in South America, the Arab Gulf States, the Middle East and Europe.


He was able to establish contacts throughout the world and able to advertise his work and interest to people across Canada and the rest of the world.


On the community aspect, he has shown particular interest in the evolution of the Sephardic Moroccan community, both in Montreal, Toronto, and the world.


To define Charles Lugassy: he is a man of integrity, helpful, dedicated, honest and generous. This is confirmed by many community instances i.e. letters of references.


When you say Charles Lugassy, people associate him to refinement, elegance, good manners, interesting conversations, and competence. He is considered a reference in Montreal and perceived as the appropriate contact to have when you visit or immigrate to Montreal.