Former Prime Minister of Canada JEAN CHRÉTIEN shaking hands with Charles Lugassy during a gala dinner at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. The prime minister personally signed the picture after the event. This picture was taken by the official photographer of the former Prime Minister J.M. CARISSE.



Journalist – RADIO-SHALOM MONTRÉAL – 7 years
Montreal, Canada Area

Journalist and interviewer on matters pertaining to Canadian Jewry, business, international affairs, art and culture and personal interviews with individuals of interest.


Journalist – RADIO-CANADA INTERNATIONAL – 15 years
Montreal, Canada Area

In my 15 years career as a journalist for Radio-Canada, I dealt with numerous national and international issues, acted as a point of contact with numerous high-profile political figures and broadcast nationally my reports. I was an anchor for the daily TV news and also the radio show “Semaine au Canada”.


Immigration Consultant – 31 years
Montreal, Canada Area

With many years of experience in the field, Charles Lugassy has helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses immigrate to Canada.

These numerous years of experience has enabled Charles to answer all of your concerns and help you overcome the most complex challenges, if any.

His  Experts In Immigration team is comprised of lawyers and immigration counselors who have an attentive ear. They are dedicated and competent individuals who stay abreast of the latest legislative and administrative changes to better advise you.

The Experts In Immigration offers its clients a wide range of services, including:

–          individual meeting with our legal or immigration counselors

–          support while completing various provincial and federal immigration forms

–          a case filing service to the department of citizenship and immigration

–          a follow-up service for all documents filed to immigration Canada or Quebec

–          assistance in preparing you for the Canadian immigration interview

Our support extends beyond your immigration application. As a matter of fact, after obtaining your visa, our team will help you find housing, a good school for your children, a job (if applicable), and a tax service on an individual and corporate level.

The Experts In Immigration will facilitate your transition into a new country so as to ensure you settle in the most optimal way.