By CHARLES LUGASSY, journalist Montreal, Canada

Founder of Birthright Israel, MICHAEL STEINHARDT, is one of the greatest Jewish philanthropists in the world. After all he has done in his life, he still has ongoing projects. One of them being, to take the non-orthodox who are secular in the Jewish community, particularly the young people and figure out how to make them long-life Jews and how to keep Jewish families and the Jewish people going. This is to save generations and the Jewish standards whether a person may be religious or not. One way this is done through Mr. Steinhardt’s organization, Birthright Israel, is by giving the opportunity of receiving proper and useful education to the youth. It helps to ensure the preservation of the Jewish values and principles in the community from generation to generation with hopes of influencing other cultures in society.

Michael Steinhardt remains soft-spoken and humble even though he is a successful businessman. He is a man who speaks of righteousness, peace and improving oneself. He is also a very generous and accessible man who is always ready to help those in need. All the above-mentioned character traits stand out to many around him and are main qualities of a real Jewish man.

Mr. STEINHARDT, whether or not you are an observant Jew, you strike your peers as a real TSADIK. Thank you for all the good you do to mankind. May God continue to bless you with good health and a long life.

Let’s listen to Michael Steinhardt interviewed by Charles Lugassy, journalist Montreal, Canada at the fifth annual Champions of Jewish Values, International Awards Gala that took place on May 21st at the Cipriani, New York City.

Charles Lugassy and Michael Steinhardt

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